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T Shirt Printing Guide

Printed tees are a popular choice for all kinds of purposes! Whether you need merch for an event, a modern staff uniform or even a kit for your club… printed T Shirts are a winner. But getting the perfect tee can be daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this handy T Shirt printing guide. Keep reading to get started on your journey to print perfection… 

Why Choose a Printed T-Shirt?

Printed tees are super versatile as with our range of process, you can create pretty much anything! Let your imagination run wild and design a T Shirt that fits your purpose. Large bold back prints always work for events when you need to get noticed. Or subtle left chest logos work great for a professional employee uniform. That’s the beauty of T Shirt printing… the possibilities are endless!

What Types of Print Are Available?

There are lots of different ways to print a T Shirt, but each process is ideal for certain orders. At Banana Moon we have an expert team who choose your print process. We take all the hassle out as we know what to choose, to get the best print for you! But if you want to know more about each process, here’s an explanation of each. 

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is one of the oldest T Shirt printing methods, but it’s still one of the most popular. It’s a complicated process so we won’t bore you with the details but basically your design is split into layers, so each colour is separate. Each layer is exposed onto a mesh screen using emulsion and light. We load the screens into the carousel and add the ink on top. When the T Shirt passes under the screen, the ink is pushed through the mesh and your design is printed!

There’s a lot of prep involved but once the printing starts, we can print up to 1400 T Shirts an hour!! That’s why we use Screen print for large orders. It’s the perfect print process for bulk tee orders with a simple, one or two colour print. If you have hundreds of staff who all need a contemporary uniform, screen is perfect. It’s also spot on for event merchandise. We can print and even individually bag, thousands of tees with a superfast turnaround

What is Vinyl Printing?

Vinyl printing is probably the most well known print process as it’s also called transfer printing. Our plotting machines cut your design or text from a piece of vinyl. Then our expert team remove the excess from the edges before transferring the print to the tee using a heat press. 

Vinyl printing is perfect for adding individual personalisations. Maybe you want to add individual names to your new T Shirts, or you need unique numbers on every team members kit. This is where vinyl comes into play! Unlike other print processes, you can print on polyester tees, so we have your personalised sportswear sorted!

What is DTG Print?

DTG (also known as Direct To Garment) printing is the newest addition to world of T Shirt printing. It is revolutionising the textiles industry as this tech allows you to print a design straight onto the fabric! There’s no messing about setting up screens or cutting vinyl… You upload the file, load the T Shirt and press go! Well it’s a little more complex than that, but you get the idea. The printer uses inkjet technology to produce a vibrant design in just seconds. 

This process is a winner for small quantity orders at a superfast turnaround. If the file is spot on, we can print a T Shirt in a matter of minutes! It’s also ideal for super complex T Shirt designs as there are practically no artwork limitations. We can print gradient effects, tiny details and even high quality photographs! It’s the perfect process for personalised gifts and one off designs 

Printing T Shirt With Banana Moon

We’ve been personalising clothes since 1993 so we know a thing or two about printing! It all started with Jackie and Paul who produced school uniforms at home. Since then the team has grown enormously and we’ve relocated to our very own dual warehouse. With 25 years of experience under our belt, we know how to create the perfect printed T Shirt! Every stage of the process is done In-house here in West Yorkshire. From the design team digitising your logo, to the screen team printing your tees! 

Our focus is on providing top quality garments and prints at a superfast turnaround. We pride ourselves on getting every print spot on and we achieve this by having an amazing team of print experts! We’ve picked up so much knowledge along the way and are always adapting to bring you the best possible printed tees. Plus our lovely team are always happy to help with any query along the way!

How To Order a Printed T Shirt?

Whether you’re looking to create the perfect personalised gift, a contemporary new uniform or stand out event merch, Banana Moon has you covered! Use the links below to find the T Shirt to suit you. We have hundreds of products to select, from value to premium tees. Simply choose your colours, sizes and quantities then start designing! Use our new online design platform to create your personalised tee, exactly how you want it. Our system lets you move and resize the logo and even gives you an instant online proof. All you need is a design idea and the site will do the rest! Get started with these links below… 

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