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Starting college or university is a big occasion in any young person's life! Freshers week can be one of the most memorable times for new starters so why not create the best-looking college, university, or society out there with customised t-shirts or hoodies? 

A good Freshers design is fun, engaging, and serves both as an icebreaker and as a way to unify. Our talented and skilled design and production teams will help you put together the perfect design and memento for Freshers Week.

At Banana Moon, we yearly create lots of Freshers Merch with printed or embroidered designs. Not only is it easy to order with our premade designs, but you can bulk order at a great price too!

Choose from our range of templates and personalise them so they represent your College or University. Alternatively, if you have a specific vision, our team of skilled designers are ready to assist you in creating that special garment.

How does it work?

Have you been tasked with sorting out the Freshers Merch this year? Follow our steps below or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to request a quote.

Step 1 - Choose product

Step 2 - Choose a style

Step 3 - Choose a design

Step 4 - Make it a pack!

Step 1 - Choose a product

Step 2 - Choose a style

Some of our products come in over 70 colours! On our product pages you can select from a wide range of colours to suit your school or university.

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