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Engagement Packs

Time to talk about employee engagement! Something we love to promote here at Banana Moon. Why? Because companies that prioritises employee engagement are more likely to have higher productivity, happier employees and greater retention rates.

One of the things you can do to engage your employees is to make them feel appreciated and part of a team - and employee engagement packs are a great way of achieving that!

You may be looking for a fun way to unify your team or improve employee engagement and keep everyone feeling part of your workplace community. We believe our high quality, personalised clothing could be the perfect solution.

10 reasons why employee engagement is important

There are many reasons why you should start engaging your employees. Here are 10 positive changes that can come from Employee Engagement:

Improved productivity

Increased customer satisfaction

Increased employee retention

Enhanced company culture

Contribution to innovation

Better employee relations

Healthier and happier employees

Positive public reputation

Great for recruitment

Employee appreciation

Case Study - Moon Pig

Following the many challenges of 2020, the team at Moonpig wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to their staff for their extraordinary efforts and support. With Christmas approaching, they chose to gift each person with a hoodie featuring their own unique ‘Moonelf’ design. They contacted Banana Moon to help them create this special hoodie that would bring the team members together in a fun way and reflect the famous Moonpig brand.

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