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Personalised Leaver's Hoodies

Leaving school or university is a big occasion in any young person’s life and something to be remembered forever. We have enjoyed working with lots of schools and universities over the years, helping them to make their personalised clothing and keepsake ideas a reality. Our talented and skilled design and production teams will help you put together the perfect long-lasting memento for leavers. Ideal for nurseries, schools and university students, our leavers’ hoodies are certainly a popular choice!

As a leading supplier, here at Banana Moon we create thousands of leavers’ garments using the latest printed or embroidered designs. What's more, at great price, paying tribute to your school memories really is simple!

With a range of pre-designed templates which can be personalised for your school, setup of your design is as simple as A, B, C. Alternatively, if you have something specific in mind, our team of experienced designers will help you create that special garment.

What do you put on a Leavers Hoodie?


Whether you're looking for primary school or university leavers hoodies they often include both a front and back design. A popular format is to include the school or university logo on the front. On the back you can include the year of the leavers and their names listed. The design is completely up to you but we can help you every step of the way to make sure you choose a style that your leavers will cherish forever.


Looking for more information on our Leavers garments? Or looking for more inspiration?

Find more inspiration in the Gallery.

Download our Leavers Lookbook

How does it work?

Tasked with sorting out Leavers Hoodies? Let us help you make this process easy through four easy steps. 

You can follow this process by ordering online, or choose from some of the below options and fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page to request a quote.

Step 1 - Choose hoodie style

Step 2 - Choose a colour

Step 3 - Choose a design

Step 4 - Contact us!

Step 1 - Choose your hoodie style

Step 2 - Choose a colour

Some of our hoodies come in over 70 colours! On our product pages you can select from a wide range of colours to suit your school or university.

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