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Eco-Friendly Personalised Clothing

Don’t just create great memories. Create a positive impact on the environment as well by opting for our eco-friendly range of sustainable hoodies, tees, aprons and more.

Sustainable materials that help our planet




Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester

Can you really turn an old coke bottle into a new t-shirt? Yes. Yes you can. By melting down recycled plastics into smaller fragments, manufacturers can turn your drink into a regenerated polyester yarn.

Not only does this process reduce the amount of plastics in our ecosystem, it also reduces the energy required to produce brand-new virgin polyester.

Regenerated cotton

Factories produce cotton fabric yarn. But they also produce waste. To prevent that waste from going to landfill, regenerated cotton collects it, sorts it and separates it, ultimately creating a regenerated cotton yarn that is good as new.

Colour separation means the yarn doesn’t have to be re-dyed, saving countless amounts of water, chemicals, energy and space.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown naturally without the aid of any chemicals which usually require plenty of water, energy and fertiliser. Managing crops organically encourages a more balanced ecosystem which is better for the health of farmers and cotton workers. Organic cotton is also ‘hypoallergenic’, meaning it has no allergy effect or irritation to the person wearing it. Who said it isn’t easy being green?

Powered by Renewable Electricity

Banana Moon is powered by 100% renewable electricity coming from certified sources of solar, wind and biomass energy. We do have to use some natural gas for our print dryers, which we are working on offsetting through implemented new sustainability initiatives. We will be documenting our journey to carbon neutral in 2022. Please contact us for more information and will be happy to share this.

Eco friendly garment care

In each of our deliveries you’ll find a simple, easy to follow garment care sheet, helping you to keep your print and embroidery looking amazing while also reducing your environmental footprint too!

Washing your clothes at a low temperature (and drying them naturally) is the best way of reducing your household bills and energy usage.....

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Planet protecting processes





Sustainable embroidery

Our skilled embroiderers know the value of high quality, long-lasting stitching, which is why we currently use POLYNEON threads by Madeira. That means all our embroidered clothes have been certified to the OEKO-TEX standard, and contain no harmful substances.

However in 2021 we have been transitioning fully to recycled polyester threads. This is a super exciting development in the world of embroidery.

Direct to Garment printing (DTG)

Traditional garment printing requires bucketloads of water to perform. Instead, our Kornit Direct to Garment Printers use a waterless process, improving print quality while also reducing water usage with no need to wash anything down at the end of the process.

The inks used in this waterless, direct to garment printing process are free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE) which makes them non-hazardous and biodegradable.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the perfect print process for large runs of garments. As our customers often need hundreds of items, we have always had state of the art machinery to match their demands and achieve maximum efficiency.

We recognise the importance of transitioning over to sustainable processes, so we are transitioning as many screen-printed orders as possible to the new Zodiac™ Aquarius™ water-based inks. These new inks have been developed to retain the performance and durability of the industry standard inks, whilst being better for the environment and more sustainable. We are printing as many suitable orders as possible in these inks, as part of our wider mission to turn all of our processes sustainable.

Vinyl (DTF)

We are very conscious of the many printing vinyls out there that are not eco-friendly, which is why we use our Oeko-Tex and Veganok approved vinyls on as many orders as we can, with the view to increase this when more materials are available.

Oeko-Tex is a global certification system for eco-friendly production facilities in the textile and clothing industry. VEGANOK is the standard for ethical vegan products.

Similarly to screen print, we are using these vinyls on suitable garments, and continue our research to find even more sustainable vinyls on trickier materials.

Recycled packaging

The Banana Moon boxes we use to deliver your special, personalised garments are all made from recycled cardboard, securely packaged in recycled brown paper tape.

The plastic we use is all biodegradable and our special notes and thank you cards are all made from recycled card printed with vegetable based inks.

We save and donate our waste from production

Like many businesses, and especially manufacturing businesses, we are faced with some unique waste from our production that often isn't recognised by waste companies as 'recyclable'.

We have done our best to innovate on this area, so we can share our production waste with others that can make use out of things that would ordinarily go to landfill. By doing this we can cut off some of the issues that fashion (and clothing in general) has on the environment in terms on longevity, production impact and waste.

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