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Printing & Embroidery

Invested in 'Direct to Garment'

This was a £300,000 investment made to bring in a water based, vegan friendly print process, which prints via inkjet heads directly onto a garment. It also uses very little water

Invested in 'Direct to Screen'

This is a digital machine used in the creation of screens for screen printing. This takes out the use of plastic positives used in the traditional process and reduces significant landfill waste

Invested in 'Direct to Film'

A new industry process which replaces the use of vinyl. It uses Water based inks, and omits the plastic waste associated with vinyl. We can also recycle the flim backing unlike vinyl

Transition to recycled embroidery threads and biodegradable backing

Threads made from recycled PET bottles. Backing is used to stabilise the quality of an embroidery

Water Consumption

Automated screen wash booth

Which uses the same recycled water for up to 6 months to clean screens

Water filtration system added at return to drain

This processes and cleans all waste water sending it back to drain at the purity of drinking water

Toilets and Taps
  1. Installed dual flush systems on toilets and Hippo reduced flush bags
  2. Perform regular leak checks on the toilets
  3. Installed flow reduction valves on kitchen taps and push taps in the toilets
Eco-modes used for quality checks

Mandatory usage instructions for eco-modes on washing machines for quality testing and canteen dishwashers

Waste & Recycling

Upgraded Recycling Scope

Using a waste management partner who can recycle cardboard, PET Semi Transparent film (DTF Backing), 04 LDPE plastic bags, 05 PP thread cones

Contaminated materials safely restored

Contaminated plastics, storage containers, used aerosols and chemicals are safely collected by a specialist partner to be cleaned down and restored

EFW - Energy generated from waste

General waste collected by our Waste Management Service no longer goes to landfill. They send it off to an EFW (energy from waste) facility to generate electricity from waste that would usually go to landfill

General Business Use

Target to achieve 50% of all sales as sustainable items

By providing an increased range of sustainable garments, and regular showcases to our team members about the production of sustainable fabrics and their benefits in order to shout about these products from the rooftops!

A paperless order process

With a custom build digital business software, we use tablets and digital information for all of our orders to pass through the system rather than paper

Switch to environmentally friendly consumables

Toilet paper, cleaning products and stationary transitioned to eco-friendly alternatives

Some of the future commitments we are making in 2024:

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