Unisex Hoodies

Unisex Hoodies

Your nickname, your team's name, or simply your very own design - however you want your personalised hoodies designing, at Banana Moon ...

Mens Hoodies

Mens Hoodies

Take a look through our personalised mens hoodies range. Our in-house production facility allows you to design your own mens hoodie to ...

Womens Hoodies

Womens Hoodies

Whether you've got a team game coming up, a group holiday, or simply want something different, a personalised women's hoody is a great ...

Kids Hoodies

Kids Hoodies

Our huge range of personalised kids' hoodies can't be beaten! Whether they're made as a memento for school leavers, to bring sports tea...

Embroidered Hoodies

Embroidery is a process of using thread to recreate logos and text onto a garment. Think of a kind of sewing machine but this is done on fast, industrial embroidery machines that embroider up to 8 garments at a time. Because a large amount of thread together can be quite thick, it lends itself well to thicker items of clothing like a hoodie, where it isn’t too thick or abrasive on the garment.

JH001 - College Hoodie (Gallery image 0)

College Hoodie


  • From £8.75
  • 5 out of 5
  • 34 reviews
JH090 - Washed Hoodie (Gallery image 1)

Washed Hoodie


  • From £11.85
  • 10 colours

Sports Polyester Hoodie


  • From £9.15
  • 10 colours

Baseball Hoodie


  • From £11.15
  • 5 out of 5
  • 1 reviews

Electric Hoodie


  • From £10.45
  • 4 colours

Superbright Hoodie


  • From £9.85
  • 7 colours

Chunky Hoodie


  • From £15.10
  • 5 out of 5
  • 1 reviews
JH003 - Varsity Hoodie (Gallery image 2)

Varsity Hoodie


  • From £9.65
  • 5 out of 5
  • 16 reviews

It is also a very classy and traditional finish and in fact has made a huge retail resurgence in the past few years as people realise the premium finish it gives. Top high street fashion is utilising embroidery in some very creative ways.

You typically would embroider the chest of a hoodie, and less often large areas on the front or back. The sleeves are perfect for embroidered logo or text too.

Screen printed hoodies

Screen printing is the process of applying an image onto your hoodie using traditional inks. The inks are pressed through a mesh screen that’s been specially designed to resemble your image. This process can be repeated to add multiple colours to your image, which is part of what makes it such a popular option. 

Because the process is so versatile – and quick - it’s the perfect option if you want to personalise a large number of hoodies (usually over 20 per order). 




  • From £10.95
  • 5 out of 5
  • 3 reviews

Lusaka Regen Hoody


  • From £11.80
  • 5 colours

Camo Hoodie


  • From £13.10
  • 4 colours

Okavango Regen Zoodie


  • From £16.60
  • 3 colours

When opting for screen printing on a hoodie, you can add your image or logo to the front left or right chest, across the whole front chest, across the back of the shoulders or whole back, and all the way down the arms or on the outer shoulder. 

Vinyl printed hoodies

Vinyl printing involves creating your logo or image using vinyl rolls. This creates a kind of sticker that gets applied to your hoodies and is fixed in place using heat and pressure from a heat press. 

Vinyl printing is a great option for smaller orders of personalised hoodies (usually around 1-10), as it gives you more creative freedom with your design. At Banana Moon, you can opt for vinyl printing to create hoodies suited to the individual, featuring glitter, sparkles, felts, and so many more options.

This type of personalisation is ideal for small parties, such as stag and hen dos, leavers hoodies and holiday groups. 

Why get a personalised hoodie?

Leavers hoodies

Celebrate the end of an era with your classmates and mark the occasion with a leavers hoodie from Banana Moon. 

Have your nicknames embroidered on the front, your surname printed on the back, or simply remember your school days with your leaving year and classmates’ names printed on the back.

Browse the full range of options for personalised leavers hoodies below. 

University societies

Stand out from the crowd and really create a close-knit team with a personalised university society hoodie from Banana Moon. 

Opt for a separate design for committee members or create a feeling of inclusivity with your logo printed on different coloured hoodies for the whole group to enjoy.

Take a look at the options available for university societies on this page. 

Clubs and teams

Look smart, unified, and more of a team than ever before with the personalised options for club and team hoodies from Banana Moon. Whether you’ve got a competition coming up and need to look the part or simply want to make your members feel like a real part of something, you’ll find the ideal hoodies to suit your sportswear and team kit on this page.

Choosing a hoodie

Types of hoodie

At Banana Moon, we have a huge range of different hoodie styles. There’s the traditional over-the-head pullover types, zip-front options and cosy pockets too.

You’ll also find a huge range of colours to base your look on, from striking bold and bright block shades, to more subtle options ideal for a neutral background, and just about everything in between. You can also choose a style of hoodie with two different colours, a great way to add a more sophisticated vibe to your look. 

Take a look at the full range of hoodies available below, and don’t forget you can order a sample if you need to see the exact shade in real life before you order. 

Hoodie price guide

The easiest way to add up the cost of your potential order is to add it all to your basket, where it’ll be worked out automatically. You can even filter your search when shopping using the price filter, which is particularly helpful if you need to stick to a particular budget. We also offer discounts if your order comes to 50 items or more – you’ll see the discount applied to your order automatically. 

If you have a particularly niche requirement, the simplest way to calculate the cost is to get in touch with our sales team for a bespoke quote. 

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