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The Anxiety Relief Hoodie

Our anxiety relief hoodie has been specially designed to help people experiencing common anxious symptoms, like nervousness, restlessness, or increased heart rate.

Combining the benefits of sensory tools used in occupational therapy with relaxation techniques recommended by psychologists, this functional, therapeutic, and stylish hoodie is packed with anxiety-calming features.

The Anxiety Relief Hoodie features:

Fidget Zip/Chewable disc

Fidget toys can have a calming effect on people suffering with anxiety or sensory issues. Keeping their hands busy can help redirect anxious behaviours and stay focused. The fidget toy is also a chewable disc. Research into chewing gum revealed the action of chewing relieved perceptions of stress in stressed and non-stressed individuals.

*The fidget toy is made of 100% imported food grade silica gel. It is tasteless, non-toxic, safe and hygienic, durable and environmentally friendly.

Tactile bubble textured sleeves

Research into the sensory benefits of textiles for emotional wellbeing discovered touching different textures can be a tool for relieving anxiety.

Block breathing loop patch

Using breathing loops to practice slow and deep breathing has been proven to help decrease your heart rate and overall blood pressure. The 3D loop patch provides an additional sensory tool for anchoring your concentration.

Calming colours

The colours have been specifically chosen in natural and organic tones to aid visual meditation and promote feelings of positive wellbeing.

Eco-Friendly design

Made with organic cotton, ethically sourced materials, and biodegradable dyes, the eco-friendly design promotes a positive thought-process and feel-good vibes.

Motivational quote

Motivational quotes can help put fears into perspective, take control of overthinking, and promote balanced thinking, alleviating anxious thoughts or worries. According to Jonathan Fader PhD, some quotes can have a powerful effect on individuals and help them to change their viewpoint.

Heavy-weight garment 

The hoodie is a heavy weight garment weighing 350gsm (a standard hoodie weighs between 279-310 gsm). The feeling of heavyer garments can help your autonomic nervous system switch from “flight or fight mode,” to “rest” mode, thereby reducing common symptoms of anxiety, like increased heart rate and rapid breathing.

Product Information

Price: £40 + VAT

Colour: Stargazer

Sizes available: XS - 5XL

Product highlights: Vegan, Organic Cotton

Chewlery/Fidget: Made of 100% imported food grade silica gel. Tasteless, non-toxic, hygienic, duable and environmental friendly.

Please Note: These are limited addition and not returnable.

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