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Cut out an image in Photoshop

If you're a complete Photoshop beginner, cutting out an image may take some practice. Depending on the image you're using, things can get a bit fiddly, but don't worry - the steps below will walk you through it. 

1. First, open up the file in Photoshop. Find the file on your computer, right click, hover over Open with… and press Adobe Photoshop.

2. Select the Bezier Pen tool from the toolbar.

3. Click on an edge of the image you want to cut out to start a Bezier path.

4. Continue following along the edge of the object by clicking at different points

5. Click and hold to create a curve

6. Click (with no hold) to create a sharp edge

7. If you make a mistake, simply press CMD or CTRL + Z to undo 

8. If you need to adjust your anchor points, hold down CMD or CTRL

9. If you need to adjust an individual anchor point, hold down CMD or CTRL + Alt 

10. Once you're happy with your outline, right click within the selection
Select 'Create Vector Mask'

11. Click File > Save As to make a new file, rather than overwrite the existing one

12. Name your file and remember to save it as a .PNG to keep the background transparent 

13. Save your image and select Large File Size for the best results  

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