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To make sure we can add your design to an item of clothing - be it a t shirt, hoodie, pair of joggers or even a hat - we'll need the digital file first. Saving your creation in the correct file format can make a huge difference to our process, and it's something so many people forget about in the excitement of finishing their design.

Before you press Save, make sure you check out our advice below!

Always Save as a Vector Where Possible

Our preferred format, whether you're using our screen printing, vinyl printing, DTG printing processes or our embroidery service, is a vector image. Vectors are still editable, so the quality of your design won't be affected if you or our designers need to resize the file.

Vectors guarantee a clear, defined image and they can be saved with a transparent background. AI, EPS and PDF files are all classed as vector images, and can be created using programmes such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Alternatively, Choose PNG

If you can't save your artwork as a vector image, don't worry - we can work around it. The next best thing is a PNG file, or a JPEG. 

The most important thing when sending over an alternative file format is to check that the file is as big, or bigger, than the size you'd like it to be on your customised clothing. When we decrease the size of a file, quality won't be lost. However, if you try to make a file like this bigger, you may notice your design looks a little bit fuzzy around the edges and starts to pixelate. 

Don't Forget About Resolution

Choosing the right format is really important, but selecting the right resolution for print is too! If you don't choose a vector, be sure to double check your file is created with 300 dpi (300 dots per inch). Again, this helps the print to remain clear and defined - nobody wants to see a blurry logo.

Have another query concerning a customised order? Whatever you need, our team are here to help. Just get in touch with a member of the Banana Moon team today, or check out our FAQs - we might have already answered your design-related question!

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