Screen Printing at Banana Moon

Screen printing is the most popular process we use at Banana Moon to get your designs onto our products! A brilliant way to personalise clothing and tote bags, there are many benefits to using this effective method.

Screen Printing at Banana Moon 

Why use screen printing?

Depending on your printing needs, screen printing might just be the perfect option for you. There are many advantages to using this specific process, including the fact that it's our cheapest service available here at Banana Moon. Due to our huge in-house printing capacity, we're able to quickly turnaround over 1,400 garments per hour and charge seriously competitive prices. 

Our state-of-the-art machinery produces high-quality products quickly, and you can choose from a selection of well-known brands like Adidas and North Face to print your designs onto. Better yet, the more items you require the lower the cost becomes per item. 

We've found screen printing a method that's particularly suited to businesses or organisations who need large quantities producing, or for individuals under a strict time scale.  

The Process

  1. First, you'll need to provide us with your image and let us know exactly what you'd like screen printing. We have a wide range of t-shirt brands and other products on which you can print your design onto - just take your pick and let us know the quantity you require! 
  2. A woven mesh screen is then used over your chosen product, and a stencil of your design is applied on top of this mesh screen. Our intelligent machinery ensures it'll be in the perfect position every single time.  
  3. The stencil is impermeable in the places which surround your design, to make sure edges are crisp and clean.
  4. When our high-quality ink is applied, it will only pass through the open areas on the stencil which create your design. The surrounding areas will block ink from transferring onto the fabric. 
  5. If your design uses multiple colours, this process will be repeated using a different mesh screen for each part of the design requiring a different colour.
  6. The t-shirts are then taken off the machine, put down a long tunnel dryer to cure the ink onto the garment and then packed up, ready to be delivered!

Benefits of choosing Banana Moon

Why should you choose Banana Moon over any other screen printing provider, we hear you ask? Well, besides printing at an impressively quick pace without sacrificing the quality of your designs, we also take pride in our eco-friendly approach to screen printing. 

Thanks to our Easykleen technology, all excess ink in the Banana Moon factory is reused or disposed of professionally through an environmentally friendly waste management service. Our green approach means we also promise to use eco-friendly ink and garments too, which won't harm the planet or our staff during production! And on top of all of this, we've chosen to use brand new, cutting edge has dryers which are known to be much more energy efficient than regular old electric dryers. 

While caring for the environment, we also take great care of your brand or personal preferences too. We know how hard people work on creating their designs, so we promise to make sure the colours are absolutely perfect and consistent across all of your items. We can colour match your pantone shades exactly, thanks to our innovative software which uses tech and our ink to mix any colour. 

Do you think screen printing is the right choice for you? If you want to enjoy your designs on a whole host of products, start the process today online or get in touch with a friendly team member on 01924 420 022! 


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