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RTY workwear isn’t a well known brand to the man in the street perhaps, but it would be an interesting statistic to know just how many people own a garment or a high viz by this brand. If you are looking for something unique in high viz then this is the brand for you. Lets start with high viz stuff for the kids. The EV77 has a range of bright colours that hadn’t been seen before in high viz it was always yellow or orange before. Often mixed with the adult version EV86, it means that children and staff can wear the same hi-viz for easy identification on school trips for example.   It is one of the few brands that stock the really big sizes too in most garments they produce which  gives their products an advantage over many others.

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Polycotton Pique Polo (RTY1)

from £7.05

Available in S to 10XL

High Visibility Waistcoat (HV74)

from £4.00

Available in S to 5XL

Enhanced Visibility Vest (EV86)

from £4.90

Available in S to fit 36/38 inch to XXL to fit 52/54 inch

Performance Workwear Polo (RTY03)

from £7.05

Available in S to 3XL

Enhanced Visibility Polo (EV80)

from £10.30

Available in S to 5XL

High Visibility Bodywarmer (HV76)

from £18.00

Available in S to 5XL

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