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2500 - Orn Condor Combat Kneepad Trouser (Gallery image 0)

Orn Condor Combat Kneepad Trouser


  • From £21.40
  • 7 colours

Orn Silverswift Combat Trouser


  • From £22.40
  • 7 colours
WD042 - Hi-vis Highway Trouser (Gallery image 0)

Hi-vis Highway Trouser


  • From £17.95
  • 1 colours

Redhawk Action Trouser


  • From £28.50
  • 3 colours

Waterproof 2000 Pro-coach Trousers


  • From £15.30
  • 2 colours

Orn Vulture Ballistic Trouser


  • From £33.40
  • 3 colours
R132 - 3 Layer Softshell Trouser (Gallery image 0)

3 Layer Softshell Trouser


  • From £40.90
  • 1 colours

Chefs Select Slim Leg Trouser


  • From £20.90
  • 1 colours

Pro Packaway Trousers


  • From £13.95
  • 4 colours

Work Guard Lite X-over Holster Trous...


  • From £27.00
  • 1 colours

Regatta Hardwear Holster Trouser


  • From £40.95
  • 1 colours
2100 - Orn Harrier Classic Trouser (Gallery image 0)

Orn Harrier Classic Trouser


  • From £17.40
  • 3 colours
SP105 - Heavy Canvas Trouser (Gallery image 0)

Heavy Canvas Trouser


  • From £41.90
  • 4 colours

Work Guard X-over Heavy Trouser


  • From £37.50
  • 1 colours
6700 - Orn Deluxe Hi-vis Condor Cargo Trouser (Gallery image 0)

Orn Deluxe Hi-vis Condor Cargo Trous...


  • From £24.50
  • 2 colours
2200 - Orn Hawk Combat Trouser (Gallery image 0)

Orn Hawk Combat Trouser


  • From £21.40
  • 4 colours

Featuring combat styles for added practicality, high-vis options for extra safety, or those with holsters and kneepads to make everyday tasks a little easier, we stock hardwearing, comfortable styles among many more in our collection.

What’s the best colour for work trousers?

Usually, workplaces prefer staff to wear either black or dark grey trousers – but every workplace is different. It’s best to check your contract or ask your employers about dress codes and uniform standards. 

What’s the delivery time like?

Once we’ve received your payment and design, we aim to get your order ready for delivery within 8-10 working days. Once they’re ready, we’ll send your trousers to you through a tracked next-day delivery service – you’ll even be notified of your hour-long delivery slot, so you won’t be waiting around all day for your delivery.

How well do our range of trousers fit?

We’ve got a wide range of trouser styles available. Whether you’re looking for slim fitting or wide leg, we’ve got something to suit you – and our standardised sizing includes a description of the exact sizing in inches.

When it comes to trousers, we know it’s important to get our sizing spot on in order to keep the comfortable and functional. If you need any more help with sizing, get in touch with our team

Are personalised trousers expensive?

We’re confident you’ll love the prices of our personalised trousers... We provide personalised clothing at a really competitive price and we’ll have something available for any budget. Our personalised prices can vary, so it’s best to just select the kind of style that catches your eye and look at the pricing tool to find out exactly how much your personalised style would cost.

Don’t forget, we run loads of on-site promotional discounts, so check them out 

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