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JH072 - College Cuffed Sweatpants (Gallery image 1)

College Cuffed Sweatpants


  • From £8.95
  • 4 colours

Elasticated Jog Pants


  • From £7.20
  • 5 colours

Premium 70/30 Elasticated Jog Pants


  • From £11.00
  • 5 out of 5
  • 1 reviews
JC081 - Cool Track Pant (Gallery image 0)

Cool Track Pant


  • From £10.25
  • 2 colours

Slim Cuffed Jogger


  • From £11.70
  • 4 colours

Slim Leg Training Pant


  • From £12.80
  • 2 colours
JH074 - Tapered Track Pant (Gallery image 0)

Tapered Track Pant


  • From £8.95
  • 5 colours
GD86 - Heavy Blend Sweatpants With Cuff (Gallery image 0)

Heavy Blend Sweatpants With Cuff


  • From £9.15
  • 4 colours
J268 - Authentic Jog Pant (Gallery image 0)

Authentic Jog Pant


  • From £15.75
  • 3 colours
JC083 - Cool Sports Leggings (Gallery image 0)

Cool Sports Leggings


  • From £10.90
  • 1 colours

Cool Tapered Jogpants


  • From £12.35
  • 3 colours
FR600 - Track Pants (Gallery image 0)

Track Pants


  • From £13.40
  • 3 colours
JH073 - Dropped Crotch Jog Pants (Gallery image 0)

Dropped Crotch Jog Pants


  • From £9.15
  • 3 colours

Lightweight Jog Pants


  • From £6.50
  • 3 colours

Teamwear Lined Tracksuit Bottoms


  • From £13.15
  • 3 colours
750M - Sweat Pants (Gallery image 0)

Sweat Pants


  • From £12.00
  • 5 out of 5
  • 1 reviews
LV820 - Track Pant (Gallery image 0)

Track Pant


  • From £13.40
  • 2 colours

Rhino Base Layer Leggings Adult


  • From £14.10
  • 2 colours
CN251 - Canterbury Cuffed Stadium Pants (Gallery image 0)

Canterbury Cuffed Stadium Pants


  • From £31.40
  • 2 colours
CN250 - Canterbury Stadium Pants (Gallery image 0)

Canterbury Stadium Pants


  • From £31.40
  • 4 out of 5
  • 1 reviews
CN216 - Canterbury Team Contact Pants (Gallery image 0)

Canterbury Team Contact Pants


  • From £27.55
  • 2 colours

Field Training Pants


  • From £14.10
  • 2 colours

Have your name, your dance group or whatever you feel printed down the leg of these personalised joggers, and why not kit your family out too! Our printed sweatpants also come in children's sizes.

Take a look at our great range of personalised joggers today - get in touch at sales@bananamoon.co.uk if you have any questions or need any further information regarding your purchase.

Are personalised joggers expensive?

All our joggers are super affordable, even when personalised. Just click on the style of jogger you’re interested in to find the pricing of that specific pair. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by all our low prices. Plus, we regularly run promotional discounts on-site, so keep your eyes peeled for a bargain!

How true to size are the sweatpants?

We know sizing is important and we want to get your order perfect, so we provide the exact sizing of our joggers. Joggers are all about comfort, so we’re specific with our sizing to make sure they’re the best fit for you.

You’ll see that our joggers come in standardised sizing, but we also provide the measurement in inches too. If you need any more help with the sizing of our joggers, get in touch with the Bananan Moon team

How long does it take to receive personalised joggers?

We aim to complete your order within 7 working days of receiving payment and your personalised design. Once your order is ready to go, we’ll send it out to your through next-day DPD tracked delivery. You’ll get an hour delivery slot too, so you won’t be waiting in all day.

What’s the best colour for sports?

There’s no rule as to what colour to choose – just pick whichever catches your eye. However, if you’re playing sports for a team, it’s best to check if there’s a standard colour to wear., If you’re playing a sport like football or rugby where you might be getting muddy or dirty, it might be a good idea to pick a darker colour like black or charcoal to avoid visible staining.

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