EV86 - Enhanced Visibility Vest (Gallery image 0)

Enhanced Visibility Vest


HV74 - High Visibility Waistcoat (Gallery image 0)

High Visibility Waistcoat


HV76 - High Visibility Bodywarmer (Gallery image 0)

High Visibility Bodywarmer


R18 - Safeguard Jacket (Gallery image 0)

Safeguard Jacket


R200 - Core Adult Motorist Safety Vest (Gallery image 0)

Core Adult Motorist Safety Vest


R201 - Core Motorway Vest (Gallery image 0)

Core Motorway Vest


R21 - Result Hi Viz Vest (Gallery image 0)

Result Hi Viz Vest


R210 - Motorway Safety Jacket (Gallery image 0)

Motorway Safety Jacket


R211 - Safeguard Motorist Safety Vest (Gallery image 0)

Safeguard Motorist Safety Vest


R218 - Core Safety High Vis Coat (Gallery image 0)

Core Safety High Vis Coat


R260 - Spiro Reflectex Hi-vis Jacket (Gallery image 0)

Spiro Reflectex Hi-vis Jacket


WD040 - Hi-vis Bomber Jacket (Gallery image 0)

Hi-vis Bomber Jacket


WD045 - Highway Safety Waistcoat (Gallery image 0)

Highway Safety Waistcoat


YK001 - Hi Vis Two Band And Braces Waistcoat (Gallery image 0)

Hi Vis Two Band And Braces Waistcoat


Make sure your staff are fully kitted out with the Banana Moon range of customisable high-vis jackets. Have your company logo printed on the front, add essential wording to the back for immediate identification, or simply create a uniformed style company-wide, to keep your business’ appearance professional and consistent.

Design your own High Vis Clothing

Whether you're working road-side, on a railway or even providing security services at an event, ensuring you remain visible at all times is vital for your safety. High Vis clothing is an essential for all kinds of workers, and it's easy to customise with your company branding at Banana Moon.

Why choose Banana Moon?

With 25 years of experience behind us, it's safe to say we're experts when it comes to adding a personal touch to clothing, including high vis garments. Not only do we offer top-quality printing and embroidery services at great prices, we offer great discounts for bulk orders and repeat orders too.

Not found what you're looking for?

Looking for something different for your workforce? Explore our entire workwear range, whether you're after durable trousers or fleeces to provide extra warmth, you can customise it all at Banana Moon.

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