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Best Logo Makers Online

Logoshi - A fast and easy online logo maker, Logoshi will help you create a professional logo in minutes without a huge price tag. It will generate logos based on your inputs, and if you’re not happy with the suggested logos, you can sketch your own and the tool will create a custom logo for you in seconds

Logo Foundry - Ideal for on-the-go designs, Logo Foundry enables you to design your logo straight from your phone or tablet. With hundreds of customisable options to choose from, it’s a great tool to create your perfect logo

Logo Type Maker - Aimed at start-ups and businesses who don’t have a lot of budget, Logo Type Maker is a great tool to easily create a professional looking logo. Simply enter the name of your company and the tool with randomly generate a whole host of logos for you to customise.

Logojoy - Logojoy acts like a designer, in that it asks you questions and automatically generates logo ideas based on your answers. Plus, you only pay if you’re 100% happy.

Logogenie - A user-friendly tool, Logogenie enables users to create a logo in under 5 minutes, with just 3 steps. Simply enter your company name, choose your icon and then customise it with the colours and extras you like. 

Best Free Logo Makers Online

Canva - Working on a drag and drop interface, Canva is great for those with limited design experience. A simple five step process to create the logo, you can even download the high-resolution option at no charge.

GraphicSprings - GraphicSprings is a free logo generator with a huge number of customisations available. You can even break down logo types depending on the nature of your business, helping to create a perfect logo for you. Although free to use, you will have to pay a small fee to save your files.

Oberlo - Oberlo’s free logo generator allows you to create a great logo in minutes. Incredibly userfriendly, simply enter your business name and icons, and let the tool generate amazing options for your logo.

Logo Maker by Ucraft - Ideal for the more creative among us, Logo Maker by Ucraft enables you to create a logo yourself with the help of different fonts, icons and shapes. You can export your logo to a PNG file for free too. 

Logaster - Logaster allows you to customise hundreds of logos with the name, slogan, business type and colour of your choice. Low resolution logos are free to save, but you will have to pay for the high-resolution option

Need Help with your Logo?

Creating a logo from scratch can be tricky... but we've pulled together some useful resources to help you get started!
What makes a good logo?

What makes a good logo?

our logo says a lot about you as an organisation, and is often what makes a first impression on your customers – both existing and po...

Recent Business Logo Trends

Recent Business Logo Trends

Your logo is often the first thing people see when they interact with your business or brand, so let's make sure it's a good one. Wheth...

How to Make  a Logo

How to Make a Logo

Taking the time to create a business logo yourself gives you the freedom to experiment with different styles, finding a solution that b...

How to Make a Logo

How to Make a Logo

Ensuring you have a recognisable, well-designed logo for your business is essential, especially if you want to stand out and make an im...

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