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Unisex Hoodies

Unisex Hoodies

Your nickname, your team's name, or simply your very own design - however you want your personalised hoodies designing, at Banana Moon ...

Mens Hoodies

Mens Hoodies

Take a look through our personalised mens hoodies range. Our in-house production facility allows you to design your own mens hoodie to ...

Womens Hoodies

Womens Hoodies

Whether you've got a team game coming up, a group holiday, or simply want something different, a personalised women's hoody is a great ...

Kids Hoodies

Kids Hoodies

Our huge range of personalised kids' hoodies can't be beaten! Whether they're made as a memento for school leavers, to bring sports tea...

Hoodie colour guide

What colours are available?

We have a huge range of colours available at Banana Moon, from classic black and grey right through to oranges, pinks, purples and more. 

What colours go together?

If you’re unsure where to start when choosing a colour, the colour wheel is the solution. The colours that complement each other will sit at opposite sides – you can use this approach to find shades that’ll bring out your eye colour, or even to pair colours together that you like. 

Combining with other colours

In the collection of hoodies we offer, some feature colour combinations. This might refer to a separate shade for inside the hood, different colours for the body and arms, or contrasting zip and toggles.  

Making your design work

Embroidery works really well for smaller logos which go on the chest area. These can be simple text right through to intricate traditional university crests, with lot’s of detail and colour. The key to a good embroidery company is whether they can replicate that level of detail. Our designers are some of the best in the UK at embroidery detail! So, to go traditional and classy go for embroidery.

Applique is all about simplicity. Remember, you are cutting your logo or text out of a piece of fabric for it, so that’s why the iconic ‘A’ or simple letter works so well. Big block or bold shapes with contrast stitching. Despite it becoming iconic during the 80s, the American college look almost never goes away, and remains very much on trend. So large simple shapes or letters to create a fashionable American look is where applique is at.

More tips

How to tie hoodie strings

If you don’t like hoodie strings to be hanging down, you can tie them individually to stop them from swinging back and forth. Go for a loose loop knot to keep them up and out of the way. 

Should I get a hoodie one size bigger than my T shirt?

If you want your hoodie to fit your size, opt for the size you’d normally wear, as this should allow for one underlayer. You can buy a hoodie that’s one size larger if you want it to have a more cosy, relaxed fit. 

How to fold a hoodie

The easiest way to fold a hoodie is to hold it up to face you. Fold the arms to run down the back of the hoodie before folding it in half width-ways. This’ll keep your hoodie neat, and free from crumples! 

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