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Artwork For Print


Vectors are the best format to use if you're looking at a printed personalisation. A vector is an editable image of which the resolution and quality will not change when resized. This makes it perfect for getting a clear image every time when the size of artwork is changed to fit the personalisation you're going for. You can save a vector with the file format extension of .eps or .pdf. Another benefit of working with vectors is you can scale the artwork down reducing the file size without losing quality, making it easier and quicker to send.

Other Formats

If your artwork has a lot of colours or gradients, don't worry as we are still able to work with non-vector images. If your artwork is an image of something and not in an editable format, we ideally need them in a PNG format. PNG images have transparent backgrounds which helps us see where artwork begins. If you don't have your artwork in a PNG format then JPEG will also work, the difference being you can't have transparency on a JPEG.


If you're not using a vector file format, it's important to create your file at a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch), this will prevent your artwork looking blurry when printed.

Artwork For Embroidery

For Embroidery

For embroidery it is not as important what type of file you send over as we re-create your artwork using a process called digitising. We can use most file formats for embroidery but, it's important to make sure your artwork has a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

The photo on the left has a high resolution, so when we zoom in to digitise, the photo would stay clear for us to accurately re-create it. The one on the right would make it very difficult to see where different sections of the image end, which would make the embroidery difficult to recreate accurately.

What Type of Programmes Can You Use?

Here at Banana Moon we use multiple programmes depending on the personalisation method for the order. For logos or text that are being screen printed or transferred by heat (vinyl/versacamm), we use CorelDRAW X8, to either vectorise a logo if needed or to turn text into a vector ready to print.

You don't have to use the same programmes as you can still achieve the same result with others!

Here are some of the most popular ones you can use to create your artwork in a vector format:

Adobe Illustrator (the most popular)


Draw Plus

Affinity Designer

If your artwork isn't a vector (JPEG/PNG) then Adobe photoshop would be a good programme to use but it doesn't really matter what programme you use, the main thing is the format of the file you output.

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