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Sometimes, the best logos are completely text-based. Staying fresh and adding a twist on traditional lettering is key to avoid appearing the same as everyone else however, so play around with various techniques.

Experiment with negative space or split typography, explore non-linear letter placement if your brand isn't necessarily conventional, and don't forget to explore with colour, kerning, font and size.


For businesses that wish to inject their personality and a sense of authenticity into their logo design, handwritten or hand-drawn styles can offer an ideal solution. With no restrictions, you can offer a true representation of your business and what it stands for with this kind of design.

Handwritten logos can be used alone, or combined with digital art, for a whole new feel. Family-owned businesses and quirky brands are often drawn to this trend for its truly unique look.



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Letter Stacking

You might have noticed that letter stacking - where letters are carefully placed above, below and to the side of each other - has seen an increase in popularity over the past few years. This kind of placement isn't only eye-catching, it helps customers to absorb more information quickly too. If your business has a longer name, or you'd like to add more text to your logo, it's certainly a stylish option to explore.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric designs, especially those using line art, continue to be popular across different sectors. Simple and clean, geometric logos are full of possibility. Layer shapes, add colour, or strip back a complex logo to something more minimal - you can do a lot with geometric-inspired designs.

When it comes to designing a geometric logo, be careful not to lose your brand's identity. It's tempting to create something abstract and cool, but make sure your logo still reflects who you are too.


Ombré has been a trend in the fashion and beauty world for a while now, but it's recently made its way into the world of branding. It's an effective way to inject colour into your logo, without running the risk of overwhelming and overcomplicating your design. It's a particularly good choice for those in the tech world, with the likes of Instagram, iTunes and PayPal adopting the style in the past few years.

Once you’ve decided the right style for your business, take a look at our guide on creating a logo in Photoshop for more handy hints.

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