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Getting Started

Before you start designing, there are two key settings to check when you create a new file:

  • Set the colour mode to CMYK (this is what your printer will use)

  • Set your width and height to the right size for your final print 
There's no need to worry about the resolution when creating a file in Illustrator. Unlike Photoshop, everything you make will be vector based. Your logo will work in any size!

Using Layers

If you've read our 'How to make a logo on Photoshop' guide, you'll be aware that layers are vital for editing individual elements of your logo. However, this isn't the case with Adobe Illustrator. 

When you add multiple shapes or text to a layer in Illustrator, you can still edit each element individually. They won't group together like they do on Photoshop, so using the Layers panel isn't an essential step here. It's much easier, and one less thing to worry about for beginners.

However, layers are a great way to keep things neat and organised. Feel free to use them if you wish - many designers do!


Many logos include some form of typography, and if you haven't found the right font yet you can discover plenty online. Resources such as Google Fonts, MyFonts and Font Squirrel have a wide selection, including fonts that are free to use - even commercially.

Before you go ahead and start creating your logo with your chosen font however, double check its licence. There's nothing worse than finishing your design, adding it to your website and on printed marketing materials only to then realise you've used the font illegally. 

When you're working with text, it can also be tricky to tell if it'll be eligible once printed. Check your design by printing it off first in a range of sizes. Why not pass it around your workplace too, to see what people think?

If you love a font, but something's not quite right, then don't be afraid to make some minor adjustments. In Illustrator, head to Window > Character and utilise the character panel. Play around with size, weight, kerning and tracking to achieve the perfect look.

Adding Shapes

Adding shapes to your logo on Illustrator is easy. Just select the Rectangle Tool, Ellipsis Tool or Custom Shapes tool to get started. 

If you're using a drawing tablet, you may even wish to go free hand for more flexibility. You can also import vector illustrations as well, if there's a particular shape you'd like to replicate. 

Adding Colour

Working with colour may seem intimidating if you're not a designer, but there are many useful tools out there to help you put together a great colour scheme. 

Let's say your business's signature colour is a particular shade of blue, but you want to add even more colour to your new logo. Just use an online colour scheme creator!

For example, head to Coolors.co, start the generator, edit one of the hex codes so it matches your business's colour and then press the lock icon.

Next, just press the space bar to view a colour scheme. Don't like it? Press the space bar again and again to reveal new combinations.

Adobe Colour CC is another fantastic resource. It works in a similar way to Coolors.co, but you can choose the type of colour scheme you're after, such as a monochromatic, analogous or complementary. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with gradients too. From Instagram to Mindbody, some of the biggest brands are adopting this trend to inject colour into their logo.

For more advice and inspiration on how to make a brilliant logo, don't forget to check out our guide. 

Finishing Up

Once you're happy with your logo, make sure you head to Object > Path > Outline stroke. This step ensures the thickness of your logo will remain the same and to scale if you choose to change its overall size. 

If you've included text in your logo, it's also important to transform it into a shape before you save your file. If you don't, and you send a file to someone who doesn't have the font you've used installed on their computer, a replacement font will be used - and it won't look like the logo you've designed. Avoid this error easily, just right click on the text and press 'Create outlines'.  

To use your new logo on Banana Moon, the file will need to be saved as a .jpg, .png or .gif. To transform your logo from an .ai file (the default for Illustrator), select File > Export > Export As… and choose your preferred format. Easy peasy.

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