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Too Many Cooks

When working with a group it's tempting to get everyone's opinions on what type of garments you should buy and what the designs should be. The more people involved in decisions the longer they take to finalise, everyone has different ideas on what you should be doing and it's very rare that you'll get everyone to agree on a final decision. To save yourself a headache and speed up the process, limit the number of people involved in the decisions. Remember, your team has entrusted you with the decision making, which means they're confident you will make the right ones.

Make the Decision

Before you go to your team and ask them for information like sizes and colours, make sure you have already decided on the garments you'll be using and the designs that will go on them. Our proof generator allows you to upload your artwork and see a preview that you can screen grab to show the rest of the team, once you're happy with it.

Who Wants One?

Now you know exactly what you'll be offering to everyone it's time to find out who wants what. This is usually the most stressful part, trying to get information from many people. You've most likely got loads of other stuff to organise so, let's take as much stress out of this as possible. Create a sheet that will hold all the information you need from each person. Stick it up somewhere that everyone will see it and make them aware of it. Get your team to fill their own information out.

Set a Deadline

Make sure you have a deadline for when all the information needs to be filled in and stick to it. The last thing you want is for your whole order to be delayed due to one or two people not filling in their information on time. Give everyone reminders of the deadline leading up to it. It's important to stick to your deadline, the first time you may find some people haven't given you the information on time, if you extend your deadline then this tends to keep happening and every time you organise something going forward you'll have the same issue. Being strict with it may mean some people don't get their garments this time, but next time they'll be sure to get their details filled in straight away.

Collect Money

The money collection is like gathering information, it can be hard work getting it from many people. Give everyone plenty of notice and make sure they know when you need it by. Same as the deadline for information, be strict. If people don't pay, then they miss out this time. They'll be the first one's to pay next time.

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