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What format should my artwork be in?

Embroidery is pretty flexible, and our pro designers can work their magic on almost any file. But we do have our preferences where possible. Vectors are the best file format, and these can be created in programs like illustrator. If you can’t do this, no problem. You can send us a JPEG or png. 

What size should my artwork be?

We recommend you size your artwork to the size you want it be embroidered, or larger. All files should have a resolution of 300dpi minimum.

Any advice about my artwork?

We have lots of little tips and tricks to get your design perfect before you send it over. 

  • Keep it simple! We can create complex and intricate embroidery designs, but we think simple is sometimes better. If it’s overcomplicated, the detail can become lost or not look as effective

  • Space out the detail. If you do have a more complicated design, we suggest you space out the detail evenly, so it’s not all in one place. Too much in one area can mean the detail is lost or text is illegible. 
  • Consider your garment. If you have a logo already, it may not look right on any garment. Before you send us your design, think about how you want it to look. You might have to shift it around slightly to make it fit perfectly. 

How do I know what my logo will look like?

Before we start embroidery, you will receive a proof either via the website or from our team. This will show you how the design will look on your garment. You simply approve the proof if you are happy, and away we go!

But make sure you check properly! Once you hit approve, Banana Moon are not liable for any little mistakes you might have missed. We try our best to spot them, but it is up to you to check everything is correct.

How much does embroidery cost?

Our standard embroidery price is £3 per design per garment and £12 for larger embroideries. If we believe it is over 30,000 stitches, we may need to add a surcharge so we will get in contact with any additional costs. 

Can I have my brand colours embroidered?

Unfortunately we cannot embroider specific pantones. We have a large range of thread colours and we match them to your design, as close as we can. If having your brand pantones is vital, we suggest you opt for print instead.

What is embroidery set up?

Once we have the artwork file you wish to be embroidered, our in-house team of digitisers essentially plot every stitch over your artwork to create it as an embroidered logo file. This takes a lot of skill and experience as there are many factors in creating a great looking embroidered logo.

For orders under £200 we charge £25 for this setup process of a new embroidered logo.

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