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Due to the government lock down our offices will be closed for the foreseeable future. Orders can still be placed and will be processed when our offices are opened again.

What is Copyright?

It’s an exclusive legal right, given to the originator of the work. It basically means that person legally owns the logo, image, character… etc. A copyrighted work cannot be used without permission from the originator

What does this mean for me?

When placing an order with us, you cannot use copyrighted artwork unless you are the legal owner, or you have explicit permission from the originator. If we believe an order infringes copyright law, we will ask for proof of permission. But if you can’t provide this, unfortunately we can’t allow it. 

Give me some examples

We often have requests for popular and well known logos such as Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels… the list goes on. We love your creativity with artwork, but we have to say no to requests like this, even if you have altered it in some way. 

But it’s not just logos that cause an issue. Cartoon characters are also copyrighted. So that means no Disney, Simpsons, South park etc. 

Why does it matter?

You may think you could just get away with using copyrighted artwork but it’s not worth the risk! Infringing copyright could land you and us with a big charge. Neither of us want that do we?

What should I do?

If you are unsure whether your artwork is copyrighted, have a google! You can usually find out from the internet. Or email your artwork to sales@bananamoon.co.uk and we will make a decision. 

But if we can give you one piece of advice, it’s be original! Get creative and design your own artwork from scratch. You can still get a great finish, without breaking the law.

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