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The Giveaway

We decided it was time to give back to the community, so we ran a competition to giveaway an embroidered uniform to one lucky winner! We were swamped with entries, but we finally decided on a fantastic cause: Support Dogs

The Winners!

Support Dogs are a Sheffield based charity who train pups to aid children and adults with all kinds of disabilities. They have been running for over 25 years and with lots of support from across the nation, they are still going strong. 

These guys do a fantastic job of improving the quality of life for people with all kinds of disabilities. Here’s how they do it:

Disability assistance – this program trains pets to assist with day to day tasks which give the individual greater independence.

Seizure alert – incredibly they train dogs to detect a seizure before it happens! These amazing pets can give a warning up to 1 hour before.

Autism assistance – Their dogs can help children with severe Autism by reducing stress in social situations.

Banana Moon & Support Dogs

As you can imagine, we jumped at the opportunity to help such a wonderful charity. We donated an embroidered uniform for their Sheffield team. The team now has matching, professional polos to wear whilst training the pups and when out at events. Having a smart, branded uniform can make a big difference when out promoting your business.

The Product

We wanted to give these guys a uniform they could count on. So we opted for premium polos by Asquith & Fox. These polos have a fantastic colour range, and a thick fabric which gives a real quality feel. They are stylish, practical and the perfect base for embroidery!


A quality product is a great starting point for a uniform. But the next crucial step is to add your logo. This is where our expertise come into play. Support Dogs wanted their logo on the polo shirts, and we advised that embroidery left chest is the way forward! A subtle logo, embroidered to perfection never fails to create a professional branded uniform.
Our design team got to work digitising their logo ready for production. We made some slight changes to ensure every detail was perfect for embroidery and …. Voila! Support Dogs were thrilled with the end product. We even hand delivered them and took a trip to meet a very special support dog. You can see for yourself what we got up to by watching our video above.

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