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Brilliant branding

Your branding at a tradeshow speaks volumes about your organisation as a whole. If it's not eye-catching enough, people will walk straight past your stall, if it's too loud, they may avoid it! Think about creating visuals for your stall that accurately represent you, and the work you do. Keep your colours on-brand, and your logo visible, so it's easy for someone to walk by and immediately be intrigued by what you do.

First impressions

While there’s only so far your stall can get you, at a tradeshow it’s all about the personality behind it. Make sure you and the team behind your stall are on-brand too with personalised clothing, and take the time to chat and get to know your customers. In a whole room of people selling, it’s often important to remember the little things.

Glorious giveaways

Pretty much every stall in a tradeshow will have some merchandise or memorabilia for passers-by to take away with them. From notebooks to keyrings, choose something that’s relevant to your work, and that’ll be genuinely useful to your potential customers (and that won’t break the bank, of course!).

All about the Interaction

It’s highly likely that the people wandering around the tradeshow have been making small talk and chatting sales all day, which is why it can be refreshing to come across a stall with an interactive element, that doesn’t necessarily require chit-chat. And they don’t have to cost the earth either, whether you opt for interactive screens that let the user explore your work themselves, a physical poll to survey passers-by or even a mini game that’s related to your organisation’s activity, there are plenty of ways to offer interactivity without the need for expensive tech.

Preparation is key

One of the most important things to remember when attending a tradeshow is to be prepared. There’s nothing worse than getting caught out on a simple question you don’t know the answer to, or even running out of stock when there’s still half the day to go. Do your research into footfall, customer backgrounds and previous tradeshows of this kind, and you’re sure to create a dazzling display.

If you’re preparing for an upcoming trade show, don’t be afraid to do your research. Get in touch with Banana Moon to see how we can help your organisation look the part ahead of the big event. Browse our personalised workwear today!

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