Embroidery at Banana Moon

A traditional method that's perfect for adding detail, embroidery is a wonderful option for smaller designs. It's a process that's a particularly popular choice for logos, which we can apply to clothing, tote bags and smaller accessories like caps and beanies.

Why use embroidery?

Embroidery has a distinct look and feel, often reflecting a certain level of professionalism. Recognised for its intricacy and texture, it's the perfect choice for a whole range of situations, including school uniforms and work attire. It doesn't have to just be used on a formal item though, embroidery can look particularly cool on varsity jackets and baseball caps!

With such a vast range of coloured thread in the Banana Moon factory, you won't be limited by colour. Your designs can be created in the highest quality embroidery available on the market.

Thanks to our high-tech machinery, embroidery is not limited to smaller orders either. Here at Banana Moon, we can turn around thousands of identical designs within a few days, each crafted with the same attention to detail as designs embroidered by hand all produced to the same exact standard.

The Process

  1. The first step is to perfect your design for our machinery. We'll digitise your design on our specialist software stitch by stitch. This way, our machines can embroider your design to the exact specification as set by our in-house digitising team who have years and years of experience.
  2. A member of our expert Banana Moon embroidery team will then place your garment into a secured position onto the machine, often using a method called hooping for items of clothing. 
  3. Your design will then be loaded up and ready to go. We'll start the process on our advanced automated machinery, and stitching will begin at record speed using multiple needles.
  4. Your embroidered design will slowly build up until it has been completed, colour by colour. 
  5. Skilled machinists observe and care for our machines throughout the process, conducting quality checks to ensure everything is running smoothly. Finishing touches may then be applied by hand by our in-house embroiderers. 
  6. The length of run time taken to produce one garment varies on the intricacy of the design and the number of stitches. However, once the process is complete each item is carefully removed from the machine. 
  7. Our Banana Moon staff will then carefully pack away your items so they're ready to be delivered to you. 

Benefits of choosing Banana Moon

With over 30 years of experience in embroidery, we're confident in our skills here at Banana Moon. Using state-of-the art machinery, the very latest computer software and trained staff who monitor the entire process, you can be confident that your designs will be nothing less than perfect. 

It doesn't matter if you haven’t finalised your design either, as long as you have an idea of what you'd like our team of in-house designers can help. Unlike most embroiders, we offer this additional service to help our customers, providing advice on size, colour and the type of thread to use - our digitisers are some of the best in the UK!

When shopping with Banana Moon you can also browse our impressive selection of well-known fashion brands, including Nike and Adidas. Take your pick, and enjoy your design embroidered onto your preferred type of clothing. 

Require assistance before you start the embroidery process? Just get in touch, either by calling 01924 420 022 or sending an email over to sales@bananamoon.co.uk

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