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Who Are They?

Since it’s launch in 2012, this brand has been striving to change perspectives in the textiles industry. They break the norm by producing authentic, responsible clothing which is made in a humane, ecological and ethical manner. They have 5 eco-certifications and focus on using sustainable, low impact materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. 

But that’s not all that makes them different. They believe that being responsible doesn’t end with the clothing, it’s the people too. Part of their core value is creating a community and taking a people-centred approach to manufacturing. The factories they partner with are checked for their quality, working conditions and attitude towards employees.

Our Favourites From Stanley/Stella

The collection is a great one for the eco-conscious who want to make a positive impact with the clothing they buy. Sound like you? Well take a look at some of our favourites…

Unisex Cruiser Iconic Hoodie

Code: SX005

Here’s why we like it so much…

  1. Eco at its best. This hoodie combines organic cotton and recycled polyester into one perfectly formed garment! It’s durable, comfy and 100% eco-friendly
  2. Premium style. We love the finishing touches on this hoodie which give it a premium look and feel. For example the double layered hood and the metal details top off a great hoodie!

Unisex Creator Iconic T shirt

Code: SX001 

Here’s why we like it so much…

  1. Comfort is key! Not only is this tee 100% organic cotton, it’s combed and ringspun too. That means only the finest, softest fabric is used. So extra comfy for you
  2. Affordable organic. You might believe you have to pay premium prices to be ethical but that’s not always true! Starting at £6.85, you can be eco conscious on budget
  3. Spoilt for choice. The colour choice on this tee is incredible! Eco-friendly products are usually limited on colours. But that's definitely not the case here

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