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Who Are They?

Fruit of the Loom were founded in the USA in 1851 when two brothers joined forces to produce quality cotton textiles. Since their humble beginning, their business has not stopped growing. They expanded across the USA and into Europe, becoming one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in the world. 

Their 165+ years’ experience, makes them a reliable and trusted brand with all kinds of garments. They offer a variety of clothing in a huge colour choice but what sets them apart, is the value. You can rely on Fruit of the Loom to deliver on quality at an affordable price. They are by no means a premium brand, but their offering is ideal for large quantities on a budget.

Our Favourites From Fruit of the Loom

We’ve been personalising Fruit of the Loom products for years. So our expert team have selected some top picks from this brand…

Valueweight T shirt

Code: SS28M

Here’s why we like it so much…

  1. Best seller for a reason. We’ve sold thousands of these tees over the years and they are always a winner. The fabric is comfortable but also durable
  2. Spoilt for choice. With over 30 colours you won’t struggle to find the perfect blank canvas for your design

Iconic Polo

Code: SS145

Here’s why we like it so much…

  1. Fashion Fit. The new iconic range has all the great features of the original Fruit of the Loom collection but is more fashionable. The slim fashion fit creates a contemporary twist on a classic polo
  2. Rebranding is easy. Fruit of the Loom have now introduced tear out labels! This means you can rebrand this polo and make it truly yours

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