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World Cup Year 2010 – A Kick Start

People in the industry will often express their excitement at football World Cup years as the buzz around the event creates a yearlong industry boom in Personalised Clothing orders. As we enter our first period of economic growth for a number of years, maybe the World Cup is what the country needs to get things moving in all industries.

Has the over the top John Terry witch hunt served to devalue the England Team or is something like this what we needed to kick start the ‘World Cup buzz’? Whichever way you feel, we at Banana Moon are now starting to receive enquiries for World Cup Printed T-Shirts, Personalised Hoodies and for our Tour Collection (with various national colours on). The TOU11 England Polo Shirt looks set to be a big seller this summer personalised from £11.75 each.

One of the key markets for World Cup printed t-shirts is often within large companies who are organising a particular promotion to coincide with the World Cup. Some key pointer s for marketing personnel organising these are:

  • Be organised early – look long term for your marketing strategy, what are you planning and what design would be appropriate for Customized Clothing?
  • Finalise your design ideas – Create something effective but don’t try and create an artistic masterpiece as so many ideas can often be impossible or far too expensive to produce.
  • Choose your garment – Hoodies are the in-thing right now but will they be too warm for the summer? If so T-Shirts are great for a promotional giveaways or events. Polo Shirts are great for a smarter look if your organization is attending a special event.

Banana Moon prides itself on being embroidery and print specialists in price and quality so please contact us on 01924 420022 or e-mail us for a prompt reply – sales@bananamoon.co.uk.

Not so organised? Give us a call anyway and we’ll be able to sort it for you in quick turnaround time.

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