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Our top 3 workout tips for springtime 2018

Snowy blizzards, torrents of rain, clouds circling continuously overhead – somehow, this is the British springtime we’re enduring in 2018.

But fear not! The clouds are sure to separate soon and that springtime sunshine will show itself like an old friend you haven’t seen since September.

And as soon as it does, it’s time for you to clamber from your settee and start your outdoor workout!

Staying fit outside, instead of in your stuffy gym, has many benefits including extra oxygenation of the blood cells, a hearty dose of Vitamin D from the sun, and the opportunity to see new sights in your local area where you jog.

To help you prepare yourself for that incoming spring sunlight, we’ve compiled this useful list of workout tips that’ll get your blood pumping and forehead sweating.

Take a look and get your running shoes on.


  1. Get ‘appy

Apps are the in-thing for fitness fanatics who love the great outdoors – and they’re far more than a flash in the pan novelty.

The Nike+ Run Club app is a fantastic choice for any jog-aholics who want to escape their treadmill.

At its most basic level, it’s a pedometer that tracks your run via GPS. But it’s also great if you want to gamify your workout, offering achievements to help you meet your targets and leaderboards to challenge your friends.

If you’re a newbie to jogging then the Zombies, Run! app is the perfect addition to your mobile. This nifty little program feeds you a story about a zombie apocalypse as you jog, persuading you to keep those legs moving or be eaten! It’s certainly helped us pick up the pace…

For the avid jogger: We recommend the Nike Breathe Colour Block Polo Shirt to help you stay reasonably dry during those 10K slogs.


2. Check the weather

As our introduction showed, the weather’s a temperamental beast in the UK at the best of times.

That’s why it’s vital that you check the forecast before you leave the house, especially if you’re on a fitness excursion in the countryside.

When the sun is beating down, we’d recommend you wear a strong sunscreen and avoid intensive exercise between 10am and 3pm when the sun’s at its peak.

For rainier weather, wear extra layers and turn back if you notice storms overhead.

To keep you wrapped up: A pair of Cool Sports Leggings to keep your legs protected are an ideal purchase.


3. Get a companion

It can be difficult to keep yourself motivated if you’re aiming for a rigorous exercise routine. All that weight lifting starts to make you yawn, jogging gets pedestrian and those stomach crunches become akin to watching a 15-hour lecture on bus timetables.

But a little bit of camaraderie can work wonders for your routine. Get an exercise buddy to help keep you motivated, and they might even have a few workout tips you’ve never considered.

For exercise buddies: Why not buy a matching pair of Gamegear Cooltex Short Sleeve Shirts? It could help foster an atmosphere of teamwork.

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