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Why the Interest in Pinterest?

I personally use Pinterest a lot and can lose many hours in the blink of an eye by being entertained by the humour, Fashion, Home décor & Craft boards. Although I only use Pinterest purely for entertainment here at Banana Moon we have a new task of creating our very own Banana Moon Pinterest page and to gain loyal followers and hopefully give them an insight in the Banana Moon Workshop.

It is a great tool to use whether it is for business or pleasure as it helps to dictate exactly what is popular by looking at what images are re-pinned the most and what boards/categories are most popular. Otherwise it is a great way to share hobbies/ideas/ work with others just as a social aspect.

Having looked at research in to Pinterest I found it very interesting to learn that according to TechCruch, in the US the average Pinterest user is ‘A well earing 18-34 year old American woman and the average users are 70-80% female. However in the UK there is a more even split of 56% male and 44% female’. Also to give you an idea about just how powerful Pinterest can be and how it can market your brand here is an interesting statistic. ‘L.L. Bean, the outdoor apparel and equipment seller had 4,689,706 followers for its ‘Woodland creatures’ board and holds the fifth position for ‘Boards with the most likes’. This just shows what impact Pinterest can have and how many viewers can be reached by having a popular Pinterest board.

We hope to create lots of lovely inspiring boards and ideas for our new followers so watch this space and hopefully get pinning on our Banana Moon Pinterest Page coming soon.

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