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What’s the best outfit for your workout?

The nation’s desire for a New Year health kick has caused a surge in people joining their local gym, but recent research shows that people’s healthy ways don’t last very long.

We recently surveyed 1,000 gym members and found that over one in ten people (11%) hadn’t stepped foot in their gym for over a year. Because of this, a staggering £558m is wasted on unused gym memberships per year.

Here at Banana Moon, we believe that you’re more likely to continue exercising if you feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear. We’ve put together a short guide to give your fitness wardrobe a makeover and help you decide which clothing is best for your exercise routine.


Yoga involves a lot of movement, bending and stretching, so opt for long, fitted tops in a moveable fabric that stay put and keep you covered no matter how much you move.

It’s also really important to wear comfortable clothing as yoga is a great way to wind down and relax. Make sure to wear thin breathable fabrics that will not bunch up or retain moisture.

For women, it’s a good idea to invest in a sports bra that holds everything in place during the poses.

These yoga pants have a fold-over waist and slightly flared leg, with lots of stretch for maximum mobility.


When it comes to weightlifting, it’s important that you invest in some solid flat trainers that give you a solid contact with the ground, as they will help you stay balanced when lifting.

For your clothing, wear breathable and loose fitting shorts and tops so your movement isn’t restricted. Make sure they’re not too baggy as you want everything to stay in place whilst your’re doing lunges and squats. Shorts with an elastic waistband will prevent this, such as these gym shorts.

Gym leggings are also a great choice for weightlifting as they are stretchy and allow a lot of free movement. Try and get leggings that are thick material as you don’t want them to become see-through when you’re squatting. These fitness leggings are perfect for weightlifting.


Your running shoes are the most important part of your workout wardrobe. It’s important to have well-cushioned shoes that are designed for running, fit well and match your foot type. This will help to prevent injuries and increase your comfort while running. Try and visit a store that specialise in running to gain advice on the best choice for your foot type.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                           A great tip when looking for running gear is to try and find clothes that are made of synthetic fabrics as they wick moisture away from your skin and will help you avoid chafing, such as this cooltex running vest. Women should also invest in a good quality, supportive sports bra.

If you’re running in cold weather and need to wrap up, make sure you’re wearing a lightweight jacket as you’ll quickly warm up and don’t want to have to stop to take your layers off.


Padded shorts may look odd, but they are a godsend when you’re cycling regularly. They are comfortable and cushion your bum to help prevent soreness.

Similarly to when running outdoors, try and find clothes that are made of synthetic fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin. This bikewear zip top has Cool Dry wicking performance fabric to keep skin cool and comfortable.

Make sure you’re wearing a helmet at all times as safety should be your number one priority.  

Final considerations

Practicality should be the most important consideration when searching for your exercise outfit. Your clothes shouldn’t hinder your workout, you should feel comfortable and supported in areas that need it most.

However, you also want to look good and feel confident. Find an outfit that fits you well and expresses your personality, maybe even consider personalising your exercise gear to really stand out of the crowd.

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