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What Kind of a Geek Are You?

I returned home after work yesterday to find my children, already enjoying the summer holidays, had been on a shopping spree with Grandma. After sitting through what felt like Yorkshire’s answer to London Fashion Week, the pair of them came strutting in wearing clear lens spectacles, not unlike the ones Jack Duckworth used to wear with sticking plaster on the corner. It seems that they have been caught up in the geek chic trend. Everywhere you turn these days people are proudly sporting t-shirts with the words geek & nerd on them, glasses are being worn whether physically needed or not & my daughter tells me that “even braces are cool”. I think she means the braces for your teeth rather than the ones to hold up your trousers but then, who knows!

According to Google, the definition of geek is;

  1.      An unfashionable or socially inept person.
  2.      A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest: “a computer geek”.

Ironically, it seems that to be a geek these days deems you more socially acceptable. But, surely everyone is a geek about something? There are computer geeks, comic book geeks, Star Wars or Star Trek geeks, Apple Fanboy geeks, music & film geeks. You name it there’ll be a geek to follow it.

In my household alone we have a One Direction geek who could tell you everything you may, or may not, want to know about the boys, right down to Harry’s shoe size & preferred brand of underwear. We also have a football geek. He’s a living, breathing pack of Top Trumps of soccer facts. There’s our gaming geek, who can pass hours fighting a mythical battle whilst the kids fight a real life battle around him, to which he is completely oblivious. Then there’s me, a crafting geek. Give me a pile of paper, some glue, fabric & a bundle of fancy pens & I’m as happy as a pig in muck!

I don’t think our geekiness or nerdiness makes us seem any more fashionable, certainly not to our kids, but for once we’re following a trend without even trying!

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