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Vancouver 2010 – Catching the Skiing Bug!

Anyone watching the Winter Olympics at the moment maybe feeling the urge to partake in a ski tour over Easter! Banana Moon have seen a steady flow of orders for ski-tour hoodies since before Christmas but there seems to be a bit of a boom right now. I wonder if it’s a bit like the Wimbledon effect where everyone gets really into playing tennis over that particular fortnight.

I have been watching bits of the Winter Olympics coverage on the BBC and have found it fairly interesting. As a non-skier myself I particular enjoy the Ski-Cross which is a new very exciting addition to the games as some of the jumps are incredible. Also the curling is always good for a bit of national pride as Britain are generally quite good at it. I know some of our customers who bought personalised hoodies from us are actually visiting the Olympics whilst they are away, so maybe we’ll see some of our printed hoodies on the BBC!

If anyone reading this is about to embark on a ski-tour, then you may wish to look at ordering some embroidered and printed clothing to identify your group or as a simple momento. Follow these four simple steps to make an enquiry/order:

Select a garment – Probably hoodies? If so, The Uneek UC502 is a well priced really thick hoodie to keep you warm. Or if people are more concerned with colours then the AWDis JH001 has 45 different colour ways!

  • Decide on logos – Normally an embroidered logo of the organisation you are going with, and individual printed names on the back or down the sleeve.
  • Contact us for a really quick quote (normally replied to within the hour).
  • Gather everyone’s details and confirm the order – colour, sizes, names etc.

Send this through to us at sales@bananamoon.co.uk and we will do the rest!

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