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UK’s Most Embarrassing School Photo

School picture day, the one day of the year where parents stressed even more than usual over our appearance. It’s safe to say all that fuss was in vain, and wonky pigtails and stained t-shirts were guaranteed to ruin things by the time the photographer made their way round to your class.

Nothing has changed over the years, and bad haircuts and scrunched up faces still grace the school photos of today. It certainly wasn’t unusual for the tooth fairy to pay a visit just before picture day either, and a lack of teeth helped to make that photo extra special in your Mum’s eyes, but even more embarrassing in yours.

Here at Banana Moon, we’re on a mission to find the UK’s most embarrassing school photo. Finally, that awful pic that haunted you throughout your school years (and probably ended up in your yearbook) is now worthwhile. So get rummaging through your memories and unearth the photo that could help you to win £75 worth of personalised Banana Moon clothing!

If you’re struggling to locate it, we’re sure your parents will be able to help. If they’re anything anything like ours, it’s probably still taking pride of place on the mantelpiece… even after all these years.

You have two weeks to enter the competition, so get digging for those old photos. Submissions will be accepted until 17th February.

We’ll be announcing the lucky (or perhaps unlucky) owner of the UK’s most embarrassing school photo on 20th February, so don’t forget to check back to find out who we’ve crowned as our winner. Just make sure you’ve read our important terms and conditions before entering.

Good luck!

These terms and conditions apply to Banana Moon’s UK’s Most Embarrassing School Photo competition (“the competition”) run by Banana Moon (“the company”), and by entering themselves into the competition, entrants will be deemed to have read and accepted these terms and agree to be bound by them. Those who do not agree will not be entered into the competition.


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