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Time Flies When You’re an Apprentice

Banana Moon's apprentices for National Apprenticeship week

Our design apprentice Beth Clark talks us through what it’s been like during her first year of being an apprentice at Banana Moon:

This past year has flown by and it only seems like yesterday when I started at banana moon. Once I saw the position online for the manufacturing apprenticeship I knew I had to apply! I have always been interested in the textiles and fashion industry ever since I completed GCSE and AS Level Textiles.

Banana Moon’s unique name drew me in and made me curious to find out more about the company, so I went onto their website and looked into the ‘about us page’ which told me exactly what banana moon is – a friendly, family run business and yes they are definitely my second family, I feel at home coming to work especially with the welcomes from Alfie and Fergus.

I have enjoyed every second of my apprenticeship and working at banana moon. I have been learning from my colleagues and now I have experience of computer design, printing and embroidery.

I never considered starting an apprenticeship before Banana Moon but I’m so glad I did now. It gives you the opportunity to earn while you learn, gain a nationally recognised qualification and improve your skills and knowledge with hands-on experience in a real business environment.

It has opened up many opportunities for me to take part in a lot of different events for example National Apprenticeship Week which highlights the importance of workplace training and to encourage more people to consider this path to employment. This ties in with the campaign ‘Made by apprentices’.  This was launched to showcase the creative talents of apprentices and their contribution to some of the country’s exports, goods and services. In fact I actually made it on to the Prime Minister’s Pinterest page along with my fellow apprentices .

By completing my coursework and qualification I have been lucky enough to be given a permanent contract with Banana Moon at the end of the 12 month course. I would definitely encourage more young people to consider an apprenticeship to kick-start their career and future.

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