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The Stylish Moustache And the Huge Success of Movember

With November now in full swing many men will you be growing or having a fake ‘lip blanket, mouth brow, trash stash, face caterpillar, crumb catcher, cookie duster, flavour savour, soup strainer, or booger broom!?’ What am I taking about?… Movember and more specifically a Moustache of course!

Like me and the Banana Moon team you will have noticed that moustaches have been creeping their way into our everyday lives.  They are everywhere and on everything from coffee mugs to jewellery, clothing to bed spreads, car stickers to bags. The moustache design is now almost as common as hearts or stars. The doodle-style moustache has found its way into mainstream culture and actual moustaches of varying shapes and sizes have found their way onto the faces of those we know and maybe even love!

There has been a term coined for this moustache phenomenon in the online Urban Dictionary called “Moustache Pop!”

So where did all this moustache stuff come from?…Why  has “Moustache Pop” become such a worldwide trend ?…Turns out the trend is now a few years old but is yet to lose popularity since it began in Hipster culture. It was originally meant as an ironic statement about manliness and beauty and to mock conventional ideals of fashion and style.   The so-called ”Ironic Moustache” has suddenly became trendy among the masses. The moustache has now become a versatile symbol that can mean as much or as little as the wearer intends it to.  Throughout history, moustaches have represented many different things: power, virility, masculinity, comedy (think Charlie Chaplin!), rebellion and more. Now it is just an opportunity to make a fashion statement, to show off, and be silly.  Not just for men but for women too.  They too are ‘wearing the moustache’ and making statements albeit with fake tashes and accessories!

One of the main reasons for this moustache mania has certainly been fueled by Movember. Movember is a month-long campaign to raise awareness for men’s health, particularly prostate and testicular cancers. Men grow moustaches throughout the month November to raise money for charity. The idea was sparked in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia, as two men, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, discussed why the moustache had yet to come back in style. They decided to encourage their group of friends to grow the facial hair through the month of November.  Movember was born and in 2004 it became a worldwide event. It has raised $446 million globally in the past 10 years with more than 3 million participants. Women can also support the Movember movement by participating in Mo Sista. Whereby women celebrate their role as supporters of fine moustaches!

For a bit of fun I have found a few mo styles for you to try during the month of Movember;

Various Movember tache styles

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