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The Story Behind The ‘Christmas Jumper’


Banana Moon wearing their Christmas Jumper's with prideOnce upon a time, in the land of unwanted gifts, there lived a huge number of rather ugly Christmas jumpers. Some were purchased by people with little taste, others hand-knitted with care by elderly relatives. All loved by the giver but sadly after many years in the wilderness, the Christmas jumper made a re-appearance in the 2001 film Bridget Jones Diary, worn by the otherwise impeccably dressed Mr Darcy. From this day forth the Christmas jumper was no longer worn only to please a proud grandmother or eccentric aunt, but to actually show how cool the wearer was.not by the recipient & so they were destined to live out their days side by side with bath cubes & cartoon underpants.

 Far from shying away from loud colours, gaudy patterns & hideous knitted images, it seems that the trendsetters of today seek out the jumpers with the most glitter & pom poms, & with months to spare until Christmas Day, no longer wearing them only for the duration of Christmas dinner & the Queen’s speech. The most popular images being red nosed reindeers & Santa Claus, selling out more quickly than shop assistants can get them on display. Indeed, there are members of our office staff – no names mentioned – who have panicked slightly that they’ll miss out this year if they don’t buy their jumper soon, & there is now a fashionably festive sweater winging its way here already.

With the days becoming increasing cooler & the general feel of Autumn in the air I think we could all benefit from a jolly old Christmas sweater, even the Bah Humbug members of our team – they know who they are! Pretty soon our office will look like a scene straight out of a Bing Crosby movie. All we need add is a piano in the corner, a roaring fire & glasses of egg nog!

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