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The #saveBBC3 campaign is supported by Banana Moon

#saveBBC3 printed t-shirts by Banana Moon Clothing

Here at Banana Moon we love BBCThree and so do our staff, who feel it’s the best channel on television. We join the rest of the nation in being disillusioned that the BBC would look to remove a channel which provides some great alternative programmes for young people especially.

We have signed the #saveBBC3 petition, you can also do so here.

We’ve decided to add our skills to the mix in the support of the campaign by producing some one-off printed t-shirts to distribute to key figures supporting the petition. As you can see we’ve gone for the lovely bright neon pink print synonymous with the BBCThree logo.
We have had some great feedback already and if the interest is there, we would be happy to provide the products for sale if anybody wanted to purchase one.

The petition is already at well over 100,000 and increasing fast. Let’s hope the momentum can keep going.


Written by Alex Grace

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