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The resurgence of the personalised polo shirt

Well , its taken some time , maybe a decade or so, but there’s no doubt it, there is an increased demand for premium quality fashion polo shirts again. Think Ralph Lauren, Hollister and Abercrombie, and you’ll see why these personalised polos are back in fashion.

The younger end of the market are buying them for events, stag do’s, hen party’s, trips, and holidays.

What’s changed?

Due to the market dominance of the brands like the 3 mentioned above, the polo shirt has found a strong market for selling many different colours in it’s range. Particularly the brighter colours like the pinks, the bright blues, the turquoises, the bright greens and the oranges that are making the impact. This is why they are being used  as a more informal work uniform  for retail, corporate and hospitality as well. You see the vast colour ranges now available can match to any organisation’s corporate colours. It’s also the styling, with not just any old classic style polo, its generally the more retail  fitted ones or the more fitted performance shirts.

We are pleased to offer the AQ010, the new unisex polo shirt by Asquith and Fox.

It’s a 200 gsm weight, 85% ringspun cotton polo, and it feels just great to wear. It’s the equivalent of a £20-£30 retail shirt for less than half the price personalised too.

The girls is a great shirt too, the AQ020, the cherry red and pink carnation colours are flying out of the door

Coming up very soon is a fantastic  chino trouser for unisex and ladies and even shorts in an amazing array of colours.

Certainly something to brighten up the summer!

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