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The Importance of Simplicity in T-shirt Printing

I was wandering through our t-shirt printing factory earlier today and I noticed a really stand out job on one our automatic screen print machines. I walked past once, then came back again and had a look again.

I am interested in the various branding that we put onto clothing and normally my eye is taken by our latest multi colour, ‘ultra-photoshop’ designed brand logo that we are running off. But this time it was a white t-shirt with a black print. Sounds dull doesn’t it? Well no, it isn’t really.

Essentially it is a well designed logo from the customer. They have kept it simple, clean and it just looks…effective! Of course it is all totally opinion, but at Banana Moon, we feel that the simpler a ┬álogo often is, the more effective it makes the brand look. Not to mention it is a bit easier on your bank balances too.

The use of the white t-shirt is important on this order. It means they’re easy to print because any colour ink covers the shirt easily. Don’t worry, we pass this on to the customer so it is actually cheaper to buy bulk printing of white t-shirts. It’s this ease of print that gives a lovely soft and natural feel to print.

The t-shirt is our N1000 Nano t-shirt which is ringspun cotton (this is soft and great for printing). The softness really helps the soft to touch print.
The Nano t-shirt is our very cheapest bulk printing promotional t-shirt so some of the prices for printing on white t-shirt with 1 colour print are brilliant. Check these out if you have a need for some bulk promotional t’s.

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