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The Importance of Colour – Choosing the best personalised t-shirt

‘The ability of the human eye to distinguish colours is based upon the varying sensitivity of different cells in the retina to light of different wavelengths.’

Colour is something which has always defined us as groups and individuals, for example everyone knows with a general election coming up the instant sight of red represents Labour and blue represents the Conservatives. We are expecting our sales of red, blue and yellow t-shirts to increase over this period as people wear personalised T-shirts for committee meetings or rallies. However, it would seem that colour is more and more being used as a sign of protest for large groups of people.

I found an article about the ‘Purple People’ in Italy who are a large group of people who want to show their dissatisfaction towards Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The reason for purple being chosen as the colour is simply that no other political party uses it. The movement has many protests all donned in any purple items they can find.

Closer to home, Sports fans may have seen the recent green and gold revolution at Manchester United, showing the fan’s dismay at the Club’s American owners running the club on debt-built foundations. The green and gold is a simple campaign emulating the colours of United’s previous incarnation Newton Heath and stating the need to be a club run by the fans. We have actually recently supplied quite a lot of green and gold printed t-shirts to the Manchester area for this reason. It just shows how much of a part choosing the right colour can make to a cause, whether it be for a team uniform or protest and how impressive it can be when everyone is showing off their colours.

At Banana Moon we prefer to offer those garments which have the biggest colour ranges. For example the JH001 College Hoodie has 45, the GD02 Ultra Cotton T-shirt has 58 and the GD05 Heavy Cotton T-shirt has 32.

The reasons we like to offer these is:

  • Customers have more choice for their group when ordering the same garment
  • Customers can be as individual with colour choice as they want to be
  • Customers can make their orders a little more interesting

As uniform colours go black and navy are the most popular, but the above stories show just how much of an impression choosing an interesting colour for your cause can be. Maybe for your next order you might want to consider the following slightly different colours:

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