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The Humble Origins of the T-shirt

I saw a newspaper article recently discussing the humble beginnings of the t-shirt. The world’s most popular garment is often taken for granted today. It is the most basic piece of our everyday uniform obviously deriving its name from its shape. However there was a time when the t-shirt was an outlandish statement to be worn as a key item of clothing. T-shirt wear dates back to the 19th century, firstly as underwear, and then worn as outerwear after the second world war by US soldiers.

1951 saw Marlon Brando wear a t-shirt in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. The t-shirt was now becoming the choice garment for the youth of the era, with the denim jeans and leather jacket look. Banana Moon’s range of personalised T-shirts appropriately highlights just how far they have developed in fashion and uniform over the past 50 or so years. T-shirts are being increasingly customised through embroidery and printing. With literally 100’s of personalised t-shirts, all styles, shapes, colours and sizes available. The t-shirt remains at the forefront of the personalised clothing industry and doesn’t ever look like disappearing.

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