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The guide to the perfect personalised clothing order

Ok, so you’re ordering personalised clothing from our website, and there is a lot of choice on there! We have over 2000 items on the website so we understand it’s a bit of a minefield. We don’t want to confuse you but we supply to so many markets we need to provide good choice for every type of need.

Sometimes the end result is not what you wanted. Fortunately it’s rare but here are some tips to make sure that your order runs like clockwork:

Before you order:

1. Ensure you have selected the best garment for your purpose – Check the garment specification on the product page. Look at the material blend and weight of garment given in GSM. This is often a sign of quality.

2. Ring us for advice – We take a huge interest in our garments so let us help you choose – 01924 420022.

3. Read the reviews from other customers and indeed Mo the monkey’s expert reviews as well – These are on the product pages.

4. Note that each brand has its own colour and sizing specifications, there has never been an industry standard.

5. Play it safe – Fill in the sample request form and ask to receive plain samples on our 15 day sale or return basis. We cannot be responsible for incorrect sizing choices as we assume you have ordered what you need. Once personalised, they are impossible to undo.

When ordering:

6. Don’t forget you can mix and match different garments, brands and colours and still get the total quantity discount – remember point 4 though here!

7. If you’re having individual names, please ensure the spelling is correct. We copy and paste all text to avoid errors from our side.

8. Please make any deadlines clear – We will try to help, but please take note of our current delivery times (these are approximate so please contact us if unsure). Fasttrack is available most of the year at an additional fee.

9. Ensure the delivery address is totally correct including postcode.

10. Ordering and paying online is quicker. It means after a quick check over it can go straight into progress – offline orders via email mean we have to manually process the invoice and wait for payment first.

11. Ensure you have ordered everything you need – Changes and additions delay your order as we have to manually change the order and await new stock to arrive.

During the Process

12. Check your order confirmations carefully. Whether placed online or offline look carefully for any mistakes on the invoice. What is on here will get ordered. Receiving payment or confirming it means you are happy with it.

13. Check your proofs carefully. Remember these are for you to check over before approving. You might be surprised how many customers don’t even look at these. It might be an error we’ve made in design or something you’ve ordered incorrectly.

14. Check your emails and junk folder regularly for the proofs. Orders are delayed when approvals to designs aren’t made. The quicker we get this, the quicker we can produce.


Phew, there we go. Remember this is a belt and braces guide to pretty much every order issue we have come across in our 22 years in business. We are pleased that a very large percentage of our orders go through with a great end result all round.

We love your testimonials and our trustpilot rating is a high one. We have our part to play in your order, of course, but if all the above is carefully carried out, we  have a better chance of achieving total customer satisfaction and we always love to have a happy returning customer.

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