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The Flexibility Offered By Personalised Hoodies

As well as the obvious benefits of comfort, practicality and value for money, personalised hoodies have great flexibility. No, I don’t mean that they are perfect for doing gymnastics in but the amount of choice available for personalisation is impressive and as a result I thought it would be useful to write a quick post about the different features there are on offer when designing your own personalised hoodies.

As well as regular clothing choices such as colour and size there is plenty more to consider when choosing your design. Generally you will want to incorporate a logo into the design of your hoodies and the placement of your logo will have a significant impact upon the overall design. If you opt for a large printed image/ logo on the front of your hoodies then perhaps opting for a small, embroidered logo would go better than a small badge sized logo being placed to the right or the left.

Often a popular design for hoodies has printed numbers on the back, for example 09 to signify the year you and your team or group of friends had the hoodies made, or a number to signify your squad number for your sports team. In each case, the numbers generally take up the majority of the space on the back of the hoodies, leaving space for a name or nickname above or beneath. Logos therefore are generally printed or embroidered onto the front of the garment due to lack of space on the back.

However, there is often the option to have logos embroidered onto the hoodies’ sleeves. This then frees up space for a large printed image on the front of your batch of hoodies.

It is commonly the case that dark hoodies are complemented with light personalisation text and vice-versa. This is often a popular option, however, it is now possible to have multicoloured numbers on your hoodies. Thanks to the very latest digital print technology it is also possible to have the names of your friends/ teammates printed within the multicoloured numbers.

With all these options you should be able to choose the exact design you want for your personalised hoodies with every aspect of it just how you desire.

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