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The Big Freeze 2011 – What This Means for Personalised Clothing

It seems that Britain is now expectant of tough winter periods. The winter of 2011 is predicted to be no different to the previous two years. It’s difficult not to get a little bit excited about the prospect of snow; it must be a childhood thing. However experience of travel problems and difficulties achieving tight deadlines at times of bad weather is starting to live fresh in the memory.

The government has now launched a campaign to educate and inform motorists about travelling in the wintry conditions. In fact I even saw a lit sign on the motorway last week asking ‘is your car prepared for winter?’

The reason for the last few years of cold winters has been attributed to the La Niňa effect, where colder water accumulates in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean and causes cold, wet winters in the northwest and dry winters in southern USA.

So aside from a lesson in Geography, what does this all mean to personalised clothing for 2011? Well, with heavy snow potentially forecast as early as late October, it means warm clothing is the order of the day. Look for clothing with a high GSM factor (weight of fabric usually equals warmth). Our outerwear section is particularly popular now, with specialist Regatta jackets such as the Darby II, soft shell jackets like the RG150 and fashionable padded bodywarmers such as the BA650. All of these items are absolutely perfect if you work outside all day, need something warm to walk to lectures or are planning to go on a ski trip in the coming months.

The final message is: Don’t leave it until the last minute to make your orders for 2011. With unpredictable weather around the corner, give your deadlines plenty of chance and get in touch early. It will certainly contribute to a much less stressful Christmas run-in.