The AWDis Kids Varsity Hoodie JH003B – Personalise these now with Banana Moon

Breakthrough hoodies brand AWDis have brought out what is sure to be another bestselling hoodie. Its the JH003B, which is the eagerly anticipated children’s version of the original JH003 Varsity Bi-coloured Hoodie. With the JH001 College Hoodie and the JH001B kids College Hoodie AWDis recognised that catering for all ages with the same style garment is a popular buying factor.

The introduction of the two-tone colour Varsity Hoodie offered a variance on the plain colour hoodie and has proved very sucessful. So now with kids version, it will give our customers a new interesting option when ordering kids hoodies.

Banana Moon Workshop is one of the very first, if not THE first to offer this product as it has literally just been launched. As we always promise our customers, we try to keep our products fresh with the market changing so rapidly in the modern day, it is important that we can offer our customers the latest in garment choice. If you want to view the garment on our website please click here.

JH003B Kids Varsity Hoodie from Banana Moon

Call us for more details on 01924 420022 or if you prefer to talk about your requirments over email please contact us

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