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The 80’s are Back!

Kelly back in the 80'sIf like me you were born in the 80’s and you fondly remember your mum dressing you in odd fluorescent socks, psychedelic shell suits, luminous T shirts and multicolour head and sweatbands, you will be interested to know that this bright fashion craze seems to have come full circle and is back with a full colour burst in the fashion world!

Here at Banana Moon Workshop we are all ready for the 80’s revival with a variety of bright vibrant garments that will bring the 80’s back to your wardrobe and put a smile on your face.

The New TD002M and TD002B Rainbow Tie Die T-Shirts will certainly take you back to the 80’s.  These Rainbow coloured T’s bring an amazing splash of colour and are perfect to be personalised to make you stand out in the crowd at a festival, charity event or gig .

If you just fancy something more toned down and not so in your face, how about the TD001M Tonal Spider T Shirt, which has just been introduced into our range. It has a great colour range for both Adults and Children and would look great on the beach with a snazzy pair of shades.

If you still need a bit of warmth in the Spring AWDis have bought out a new range of ‘Electric’ Hoodies and Sweatshirts that come in 4 amazing ‘Electric’ colours . These would certainly illuminate any stag or hen do, or be ideal for a birthday or Father’s Day gift.

As an ‘80’s Child’ I am happy that the colourful care free world I remember is back in our lives!  I will once again embrace the vivid clothes that are once again becoming fashionable but in my own adult way! But I will definitely not be putting back on the bright purple, luminous pink and zebra shell suit this time!  I tried to find you a picture but unfortunately this seems to have got lost somehow!!!  I have however found this lovely picture of me and my little brother Mark when we were aged 9 and 6 for you to have a little chuckle at!

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