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Team Panda’s New Recruit

As my confirmation letter and race number dropped through my letterbox this weekend it became official…I am Team Panda’s new recruit for Race For Life.

I have to admit, I’m not a great runner and last year when I took part I walked 5K so this year I am going to push myself and run it! I’m sure I will regret that decision when I hit the 3K mark but it is all for a good cause and I am sure Katherine and the rest of the team will drag me the rest of the way.

It is a great day, not only for the ladies taking part but for anyone who is there to cheer us on. I remember watching my sister run the Race For Life 10K (she is the runner of the family) and just being part of the crowd made me want to take part and make a difference for a great cause.

On the day they have lots of different things to do even if you are not taking part in the race. You can volunteer for the day and help hand out water or, in the case of me and my mum, help out with things like the ‘Inspiration Wall’  where runners or anyone who feels like it can add a name to the wall of who is their inspiration to kick cancers ass!

I was great to take part in the race and hear the different stories of why people wanted to take part and to see just how many lives cancer has affected.

So now I am going to train harder and make sure that I am ready for the 21st July and I will have another blog about my progress on the day coming soon.

If you would like to sponsor our team please click on the following link: https://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/team-panda/

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