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Team Panda – Race For Life

Recently my friends and I took part in the Cancer Research Race For Life.  You might have read in one of my previous blogs that I certainly am not a runner, but made the decision to begin training, with the aim of running (ok, jogging) the course continually. I have been following the NHS couch to 5k plan podcast, which aims to train you step by step over 9 weeks, how to run for 5k. 

 I have to say, it certainly was a challenge, and it took to a few weeks to get into the stride of things and learn not to sulk whenever I had a run coming up, but guess what, I got there. After 9 weeks of training, the big day arrived, and Emma, Hannah and myself donned our running shoes and set off. Thankfully we had a break in the hot weather, and on the day, we had a little bit of drizzle and a cool breeze, which certainly helped. 

 The three of us quickly set a comfortable pace, and gently jogged around Saville Park in Halifax, surrounded by deeliboppers, tutu’s and a lot of pink. To see the amount of people there, and the vast age range was truly inspiring. Everyone was running for a reason, for a loved one who had battled the disease, or like us, simply to find a cure. The atmosphere on the day really help, and Team Panda successfully ran 5k in 41 minutes and 40 seconds, which we think is fantastic. We were cheered and supported by some of our closest friends and family as we crossed the finish line.

 In the 9 weeks since signing up to run the race for life, Team Panda have raised a phenomenal £850, and that figure is still rising. Now I’m not saying we were the fastest, or raised the most money, but we did accomplish our goals, to run 5k and raise money for a fantastic cause. As I said before, if we can do it, then you certainly can.

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